Driving Through the Fog

If you have ever driven a car, you have likely had the experience of driving through heavy fog. 
Building a business, building a career, and building a life can feel a lot like that.  In fact, that’s precisely the problem for many people; they spend their time navigating through the fog.  
  • A businessman with no real direction who leaps at the next new thing to offer in the hopes for profits that turn the business
  • The person goes all in to the next scheme guaranteed to make them millions
  • The girl or guy who obsesses over the next person they think will truly make them happy.
It’s a mirage in fog.
Many people make decisions when things aren’t going well. They look for relief in the despair of the valley instead of waiting for the clarity that comes from being on the mountaintop. And when you’re experiencing the darkness of the valley, it’s always tempting to make changes that you hope will relieve the discomfort.  -John C. Maxwell

Finding Your Way Clear

Successful people have CLARITY.  The path is clear in front of them and they are joyfully on their journey.  And while they path may wind, the hills may seem steep, and the road gets rocky on occasion; they forge ahead with determination because they can see where they are going.  How do you achieve this clarity in your life or career or business?
[snaptweet]It’s not the problems that make YOUR life song so special, it’s the clarity you get when you determine to see your way through it.[/snaptweet]

Key Elements to Achieve Clarity:

  1. KNOW YOUR CORE VALUES – Know what you stand for.  Know what defines are the very core of your organization or core of your person  exactly what has to factor in to every decision you make and everything you do.  Honesty and integrity are key core values that you want to integrate into everything you do.
  2. DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE – What are you driven to do, what do you want to accomplish.  Here’s a tip: if it takes more than a sentence, then you haven’t fully defined your purpose.
  3. VISUALIZE THE END OF THE ROAD – See where it is you are trying to go.
  4. KEEP AN EYE ON THE PATH IN FRONT OF YOU – That’s where you are going to encounter those rocky roads and if you spend all your time looking ahead, the roadblocks in front of you may stop you before you can get there.