Core Values

I believe strongly that CORE VALUES are essential to every person and every organization. They provide the foundation that drives culture. They are the non-negotiables. Whatever happens, you will always live by and retain these qualities.

The result is better decision making and more peace with the choices you make and even with the consequences of the choices you make. You will sleep better at night.

Here are the CORE VALUES that I personally and my organization live by.


Our foundation is laid in our recognition of salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ. This commands our love for people. We do everything with all possible kindness as a result. We NEVER force our faith on anyone else and make no judgments.


We are always there for each other and for our clients and friends. We will never knowingly betray a person or a promise. Accountability is the obvious result.


We place others first. We exist to serve and add value to others. It is not only our job, it is our privilege and honor. We are imperfect people and accept the imperfections of others. We are willing to ask the dumb questions and be embarrassed if it moves things forward.


Growth and improvement only happen in areas of discomfort, both for us and our clients. Therefore, we will confidently speak out and advocate for the best interests of those we serve, internally and externally. Risk-taking is a necessary part of moving forward.


We look for new and different ways of doing things. We don’t just look outside the box, we look for other boxes as well. Unique solutions happen when we explore and discover.


It’s important for us to know what we need to know and to admit when we don’t. We exist to cultivate growth; in our clients, our people, and ourselves. Applied knowledge is POWERFUL.

Building Extraordinary Leaders and Teams – Paul Simkins

Leadership Teacher, Speaker, Coach

Hi, I’m Paul Simkins. Everything I do is about cultivating growth in people.

I focus that on helping leaders like you move to the next level of their leadership potential. It is there where you find superior effectiveness with your team, greater success for yourself, and eye-opening clarity in every facet of your life.

Yeah, but Why?

I have invested over 30 years in business as a Corporate Trainer, Workshop Leader, Manager, Project Manager, and Training Director. I have worked with and for companies large and small. In observing these organizations two things always stood out to me. They seemed almost universal – there were very few exceptions. What I noticed was:
  • Lots of management in these organizations but from the top down there was very little leadership
  • The vast majority of the people in these companies were not really working with the best interests of the organization in mind. In other words, they were not giving their best. Many were, in fact, giving their worst.

Have you noticed this? The popular term for it today is disengagement. And of those two bullet points above, the first is the primary cause of the second. In other words, the employee engagement problem is a leadership problem.

And it’s not just you and me. Everyone is noticing and many are trying to solve the problem. They do surveys, create some extraordinary and sometimes even over-the-top benefits and perks. They offer flex time, work from home time, and whatever other wild ideas they can come up with.

And the problem is not getting better!

Paul Simkins Headshot

Driven to Engage

As a speaker and a trainer, I could never be satisfied with this status quo. I became a student of leadership and human behavior. As a result of my studies and research, I am proud to be a

  • Certified John Maxwell Team Leadership Speaker, Trainer, and Coach
  • Certified Human Behavior Consultant (DiSC)

Using what I learned and what I applied, I am also the creator of The Boldly Lead Way™

Boldly Lead Engagement

It’s been proven time and again that the most sustainably successful organizations INTENTIONALLY develop their leaders and engage their employees. THIS IS WHERE I CAN HELP YOU!

Is your HR Department starting to feel like it has a revolving door? Are your employees as productive as you would like them to be? Are you? How can your customer satisfaction improve? What needs to be different about the communication within your workplace or your team?

If any of these questions are on your mind and you don’t have good answers let’s talk today.

Because tomorrow will take you one step closer to too late.