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Wants to Work For!

The Retention Dilemma

Do you want to know the secret to retaining the best people on your team?

It’s not what you might think. And certainly, it’s not what most of the Internet wants you to buy into.
You can read article after article about how organizations are adding perks to attract and keep employees. Ping Pong tables. Cafes. Free massages. Catered meals. Access to the company yacht. Dogs in the workplace. Even flexible work schedules will not necessarily keep your best people.
So what’s the secret? What has shown the most consistent and effective way to keep high performers?

Paul Simkins Leadership Speaker and Trainer, can help you find the missing pieces to the puzzle

You Are the Secret Sauce!

As a leader, you hold the key to attracting and keeping the best people.
I’m Paul Simkins, Leadership Speaker and Trainer and creator of The Boldly Lead Way™.
What I have discovered is that organizations that have the best records for attracting and keeping good talent have some common elements. And they all focus on LEADERSHIP!

The Boldly Lead Way™

Leadership is the Crucial Company Perk!

Do you deal with the issues many other organizations are having today?

Burnout. High employee turnover, most particularly losing the best producers. Customer satisfaction numbers dropping. Profitability suffering.

People stay where leadership is strong and effective! Overall, we have discovered that high performers want an environment where leaders:

  • Care for them
  • Establish REAL connection
  • Value them
  • Add value to them

The Boldly Lead Way™ helps you do those things for the most valuable part of your organization – YOUR EMPLOYEES!

I can help you become the leader you need to be for them AND for you! Let’s start moving your organization to the next level TODAY!

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Jim M., Board chair

“If you’re interested in having Paul Simkins chair your leadership event, you’re going to be quite pleased.”

“Paul comes to the table well prepared having done a significant amount of homework on the message for the day. He has reviewed the agenda with key individuals in his audience beforehand to have a good understanding of the nuances of the specific session. He delivers the message with good visuals and many examples to explain the theory. Most importantly he stays with the audience as they work through hands-on exercises. He makes sure that no one is not “getting it”. Finally, Paul is very patient with the team as they try to reach consensus on important elements for managing an organization.”


Rikki E., Team Leader

“Paul is a wealth of information and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his company for those that are looking to improve their leadership abilities!”