Now this is an interesting perspective I ran across.  If I am reading it right, it seems to suggest that there are physical conditions that affect our ability to show courage and other characteristics necessary to be an excellent leader.  What do you think?  New age mumbo jumbo?  Medically-validated?
Is courage teachable or learnable, or is it ingrained in you at an early age?  At what point does it become to late to develop?
What do you do when you want to bolster your courage?  What other characteristics do you think you could build or reinforce through focus techniques like what is mentioned here?
Improving Leadership through the Brain-to-Belly Nerve (via News )

Improving Leadership through the Brain-to-Belly Nerve Business Execs Should Embrace Mind-Body-Business Connection, Says Veteran Consultant; Offers TipsIdeas get bigger when you share them…     September 18, 2013 ( newswire…

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