What Are You Doing?

So exactly how are you pursuing that dream or that goal?
You know, that thing you have always wanted to get to?
If you have ever listened to anyone about personal growth or success, they talk about getting your plans down on paper and setting the definitive plan for achieving your goals.

It’s Not Enough

But there is another step.  You have to actually act upon that.
And this is where the plans fall apart for many people.
Brian Tracy says that many of us live on Someday Isle.
You’ve probably heard many people refer to it.
Someday, I’ll quit this job I hate.
Someday, I’ll begin that project I always wanted to do.
Someday, I’ll spend more time with the family.
Someday, I’ll volunteer with a non-profit.
Do you know people guilty of this?  
Are you guilty of this?
I know that there are times when I am.  I become so focused on the routine of the day or the fire of the moment, that I lose focus on the things I want to do and they get pushed to the back burner.
It’s kind of like the castaways from the television program, Gilligan’s Island.  They got stranded there and set about making themselves comfortable and never really got off the island.  Until cancellation that is.  Yes, they tried some things but they were random and not sustained.  But they kept saying, “Someday, we’ll get off this island!
I can relate to Gilligan and the castaways many times in so many ways.


The problem is that someday never comes and that’s not where our true success comes from.  In fact, you are going to get your best results not by saying someday but through what you do on a day to day basis.  John Maxwell said you will never change your life until you change something that you do daily.  I like to think of it in terms of what you do on a day to day basis makes a difference in your life.
That’s what personal growth is all about.

Intentional Daily Growth

So what we are talking about is embarking on an intentional personal growth plan so that on a day to day basis you are working towards your goals.  Set aside time on a day to day basis to work towards the goals that you have.
It ain’t easy, but nothing worth having is easy.  But you know that.
If you focus on doing something on a day to day basis to move a little closer to your goals then incrementally it gets better.
Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the end result.  Be a 1%er.  Focus just on that 1% growth you can achieve today.  Choose what you will do beforehand; don’t just pick anything.
Remember the goal here is to grow towards your goals, not grow randomly.
Schedule a specific block on your calendar every day.  It doesn’t have to be long; start with just 15 minutes.  Protect that time ruthlessly and commit yourself to it and its going to make a difference in your life.  

Not just in the future, but today.