Don’t Tell Me What to Sacrifice

I have a problem.  It has always been with me, sometimes helping me and sometimes haunting me. I just don’t like having someone tell me I can’t have it or can’t do it.  For example, I have read a lot of blogs and columns about being an entrepreneur.  In a good deal of them, they paint a less than rosy picture.  They often talk about how you can’t have it all, something has to give.  Andrew Dumont even says you need to acknowledge that there is no such thing as work-life balance for an entrepreneur. Stories abound with businessmen (and women) about missed recitals, soccer matches, anniversaries, and other things.  So, forget all about work-life balance.

I don’t buy it.  No, I refuse to buy it.  The passion of many entrepreneurs is the same; they do something because people said they couldn’t do it.  That’s my attitude.  Tell me I can’t have balance and succeed? Watch me!

The Law of Sacrifice Always Applies

To be sure, there are things you (and I) will have to give up.  Some are daily things, such as extended television time, browsing the Internet, cocktail hour, and a good deal of free time.  That’s called the Law of Sacrifice and you cannot avoid it.  If you want to have any level of success, whether it is running a small business, moving up the corporate ladder, becoming a top sports athlete, or a celebrity; you will have to sacrifice things to get there.  As John Maxwell says

You have to give up to go up!

What sacrifices you make is the decision you must face and I recommend you face it early.  Being defiant or rebellious can be a wonderful thing and has helped many an entrepreneur move forward.  But the ones who last and build a legacy are the ones who know when to make smart decisions and when to ask for help.  And they know to give up things that are trivial or not as important to gain things that are important.

There are good kinds of sacrifice in this.  Often, leaders are required to make sacrifices to lead people effectively.  One of the biggest that a leader must make is putting others first.  Leaders must sacrifice the limelight and yield it to their team.  Entrepreneurs must sacrifice being right most of the time to be very wrong most of the time.  They must sacrifice their ego because they will fail again and again until little things happen and build and success is achieved.  Sacrifice can have very positive outcomes, when you make the right choices on what to sacrifice.

Start right away to devise your strategy for fulfilling the Law of Sacrifice, because one way or another you will have to obey the law.  Just make sure it’s your choice what you give up.